Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management
Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management
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Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management



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6 modules

A Programme by University of Pretoria

Designed to meet the needs of working professionals who wish to acquire, strengthen, and deepen their public management knowledge and skills to effectively contribute to public systems and programmes. 

The online format overcomes the barriers of distance and cost as learners do not have to attend class, pay for accommodation or put in leave.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management will cover modules discussing good governance, ethical leadership, and public management; public sector transformation and reform; programme and project management; advanced human resource management; advanced financial management and budgeting; and public sector planning, monitoring and evaluation.

Learning Outcomes

Solve public management problems through innovation and creativity

Think strategically

Manage finances and budgets according to public service prescripts

Develop personal responsibility and self-motivation

Identify and address ethical issues and behaviour in the public sector

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Executive Concentration?

Executive Concentration is a collection of 3 modules with a duration of 12 weeks. These Executive Concentration courses are created from modules presented in complete Master's degrees, this guarantees the quality of the course.

What is the duration of an Executive Concentration?

The Executive Concentration courses differ, but on average the duration is 12 weeks.

Can an Executive Concentration be certified?

Yes, when you complete an Executive Concentration you will receive certification.

What universities are Executive Concentration from?

The Executive Concentration courses are created by professors from the world's top universities known for their research and teaching methodologies, and include professors from the Universities of Cambridge, Southern California, California Los Angeles, and Notre Dame.

Do I have to enrol at a particular time in order to start an Executive Concentration?

No, Executive Concentration courses are self-managed and you can enrol at any time. You can study as and when your agenda and schedule allow.

Are all Executive Concentration online?

Yes, the Executive Concentration courses are fully online.

How can I see which Executive Concentration are available?

You can view our full portfolio of Executive Concentration courses here.

How can I see which universities offer Executive Concentration?

You can view our partner Universities here.